Mattijs is an independent graphic designer. He has been working for a wide range of clients in the cultural and commercial field from 2002 and is educated in both Interactive- and Graphic Design.

A graduate in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague he is asked to work for the Academy’s inhouse design studio for one year (2008 — 2009). Together with colleague Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, Mattijs is responsible for all visual communication for the Academy and her partners, such as; The Royal Conservatoire, Premsela, Dutch DFA and Items. This communication includes a wide range; from banners, websites, logo’s and stationeries to newspapers, posters flyers and books.

His experience with Interaction Design and broad interest in all fields of visual communication enable and inspire him to combine / adapt and translate his designing skills to new media environments. Next to his love for modern time communication he has developed a love for the very basics of graphic design; Type design and Typography.

In 2010 Mattijs and Koen Knevel founded OK200 Graphic Design Studio. From this studio Mattijs continues working within a great variety of design, a wide range of communication and clients, brings and inspires new approaches on design, new fitting strategies, new fitting design concepts and appropriate ways to communicate the message.

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