Studio Mattijs de Wit now operates under the name:
[studio] Namespace.

The focus of the new studio is brand development and online presence.

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Mattijs is an independent graphic designer. He has been working for a wide range of clients in the cultural and commercial field from 2002 and is educated in both Interactive- and Graphic Design.

His experience with Interaction Design and broad interest in all fields of visual communication enable and inspire him to combine / adapt and translate his designing skills to new media environments. Next to his love for modern time communication he has developed a love for the very basics of graphic design; Type design and Typography.

In 2017 Mattijs started teaching digital portfolio classes at the Fine Arts department the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague.
From 2019 he started teaching Graphic Design classes at the Photography department of the KABK.

In 2018 Mattijs opened up a new studio specialised in website design and development.
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